Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Big Lie: The Economic Downturn

When the announcement came that our economy was about to collapse, everyone immediately stopped hiring new workers and began laying off the ones they had, they cut back production, they stopped buying materials and supplies and some even closed up shop to hold on to the resources they had. All of this occurred because of one event and it wasn't due to the number of foreclosures or because of the unemployment rate. I realized what was going on as soon as it happened, perhaps even before the government of the largest and strongest economy in the world did, but when they did, they also realized it was the perfect time to take further freedoms away from the people and place a tighter reign on everyone.

In fact, it's safe to say that all of this current economic mess that's put people out of work and into an ever-growing unemployment line is the result of the greed of those who already have more money and resources than they need and certainly rule all the world's governments and banks. But it was simply because of the voice of one man, someone whose words command incredible power, a power that is currently being misused for the sake of the rich elite.

However, even though these rich and powerful have managed to steal even more money from the world, what they fail to realize is that the lower class will be the first to be eliminated, because those people have the smallest reserves to fall back on. While this may not seem all that important to the ones who caused this or even to you who are reading this, what we must realize is that life is a delicate balance which must be maintained so that we all may live and contribute. It's the contributing part that's the most vital element in the equation, because these workers are the only ones that will do certain kinds of work. They have the basic skills that contribute to our food production through farming, grocery store workers, as well as stocking our department stores and working in the mills.

Middle class workers simply will not do these kinds of jobs, so if the lower class is completely eliminated, doesn't it make sense that our entire world will collapse in the same way that a house with no foundation would? For now, these people still have jobs, but if, or rather when, they can no longer afford to feed their families or put gas in their cars to get to work, the positions that they have always filled simply won't have anyone even remotely interested in doing them. Farming and food production will stop, department stores will close, mills will no longer be able to afford to continue to make clothing and shoes. All of this will greatly impact the entire planet, including the rich elite, who might last a bit longer than the rest of us will, but they, too, will cease to exist, and all because of their own greed and selfishness.

And all of this mess happened because of the words of one man, the one who was on your local news to predict that this is what was going to occur, yes, from the words of just one financial forecaster. This very same thing went on for ages with the big energy monopolies. All it takes for gas prices to rise is the words of one man, the one who is responsible for forecasting whether the price of a barrel of oil will rise or fall. And believe me when I tell you that these men will NEVER forecast anything good or anything that will fail to fill the pockets of the rich elite.

These people should be arrested and jailed without the possibility of parole for contributing to the terror that their words have struck into the hearts of the good people of our world. Just for a moment, imagine how things would be if these financial forecasters didn't exist. Yesterday, today and tomorrow, it would be business as usual, because nobody would have any reason to cut production, stop hiring or lay off workers. Our freedoms would still be intact, instead of threatened because of the selfishness and greed of the rich elite.

While you may not agree with distributing the wealth so that everyone has a real chance to survive and even succeed in this world, only those who are also just as selfish and just as greedy as those in power are, would disagree with this idea. There is plenty of abundance to go around, but we've all been taught that there is scarcity instead. The things we are taught are what we tend to believe, even if it's inaccurate. We each create our reality by the what we believe to be true.

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