Sunday, December 23, 2012

Rural Economy

Travelling by road is one of the best ways through which an individual can see a number of brand new worlds; aspects of life that an individual has never even thought about exploring. It helps an individual think out of the box and new ideas come flooding to the individual's mind. Traveling by road exposes an individual to different cultures, traditions and lifestyles and an individual starts appreciating things that he normally doesn't notice. One such exposure includes one being introduced to rural life at its purest form. Once an individual travels through rural areas, one realizes the immense importance that the rural economy holds in every person's life.

If you ever get the chance to travel on a highway at sunrise, you will understand how beautiful certain things in life are. The sun takes its time to actually become visible, yet it starts spreading its light way before it appears in front of living creatures. Such is the light that the rural economy radiates. It is like the sun; it starts giving life even when it is not visible to the naked eye. Pardon me if you are a little confused by this example, it will be very well explained in no time.

The day in a rural area starts way before it does in a city. While the dwellers of cities remain in their beds, rural folk hit the fields; after all, they not only feed themselves, they feed the dwellers of cities as well. Nature too, thus favors dwellers of rural areas and this is evident by the fact that the sunrise is never so beautiful in the confines of a city as it is in the open fields of the village.

The rural economy is the backbone of each country. It is simply impossible to function without it. However, the unjust standards that human beings have created have reduced the image of rural life to a rather low point where no one would want to go. Why would someone want to live on a farm when the same individual can get a perfectly comfortable life in the city? Why live in the moonlit darkness when you can live among bright neon lights? Why go through the trouble of preparing your own meal when you can visit the nearest McDonalds? Yet we fail to understand that the comfort in the city comes from the hard work of rural folk. The bright neon lights would never have been made if there were no raw materials. McDonalds wouldn't be able to operate for a single day if the rural economy collapsed.

Most third world countries are agro based countries. Sad as it is, rural life is considered inferior at a global level. What the world fails to understand is that agro based economies fuel life all over the globe. It is seen that countries that manufacture electronics and are involved in the development of technology are given preference over those which produce crops. The value assigned to manufactured goods is extremely higher than the value assigned to raw materials. However, the world fails to realize that if every economy started producing end products, there would be no raw materials left. The world fails to realize that survival without all the fancy gadgets and technology is possible, however, survival without food is not possible.

The law of demand and supply will continue to govern our world. Raw materials are produced in a greater quantity than high quality, finished goods. There is a lot more wheat in the world than Smartphones. Our imperfect standards will continue governing our lives. However, it is important that we take a moment to think of all the people who make up the rural economy and fuel our everyday lives and what our lives would be if they quit their jobs.

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